MaterialsEuroRoads is a forum for European keyplayers in the field of foresight and forecast of developments in materials technology. Most of the institutions and stakeholders involved in this network are listed under “links”. MaterialsEuroRoads developed from the former Specific Support Action SMART, which was a roadmapping project within the 6th Frameworkprogramme. The goal of MaterialsEuroRoads is to strengthen Europe´s position in materials technology and research by setting up a network between different European strategic materials actions and to enable a dialogue between keyplayers in foresight and funding agencies, ministries and private investors.

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The latest Business Lunch Talk was held in Brussels on the 21th March 2011. About  30 participants from 11 EU Member and Associated States attended the meeting in order to discuss future topics in Raw Materials.

Attention towards raw materials for non-energetic industrial production has gathered increasing momentum with the adoption of "the raw materials initiative" in November 2008 and the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Presentations were given by Dr. Herbert Zeisel (BMBF), Dr. Renzo Tomellini (EU, DG Research), Dr. Francois Piuzzi (MESR, CEA), Mr. Henryk Karas (ETP SMR) and Dr. Manfred Diehl (EUMAT, Umicore). They gave an overview of current activities in the increasing demands for industrial strategic raw materials, tackling both technological and non-technological barriers to innovation and discussed the main issues of European Mining as well as those of the mineral and chemical industries related to the raw materials sector. For more information, please swith to page "News".

The MaterialsEuroRoads Network is not a closed shop. However membership is limited to European keyplayers in the area of foresight/ forecast of materials innovations. If you are such a keyplayer and wish to actively participate in this network then send us your membership application which should consists of a CV and a short description of your recent and ongoing materials foresight activities (

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